What is and is NOT considered Allied Health positions?

The world of healthcare is large and encompasses many different roles. There are general roles that likely first come to mind when considering healthcare, but you may have also heard about allied health professionals. You’ve likely worked with or been served by one of these professionals many times in your life. So, what is allied health?

What is NOT Allied Health?

To understand what allied health is, it will probably help to first outline what it is not. Roles that do not fall under the allied health umbrella include doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. Education, certifications, and general job requirements are clearly outlined for each of these groups within their specialties. Allied health is an overarching group of healthcare professionals with differing education and certification requirements depending on the role.

What is Allied Health?

Allied health roles encompass about 60% of healthcare jobs in the United States. These roles can be either patient-facing or behind the scenes. Allied health includes everything from administrative work to rehabilitative work to diagnostic professionals. This means laboratory technicians, therapists, and more are all considered allied health professionals.

Positions in allied health are widely in demand across the country and provide opportunities to travel, gain valuable experience, and grow your career. There are professions within the allied health category that work for people with different personalities, interests, and skills. See what type of allied health positions may be a good fit for you.

Looking for an Allied Health Position?

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